1. Which countries do you ship your products to?

We can ship Worldwide.

2. Where do we ship from?

Your orders shall be shipped out from our warehouse’s partner located at: 1300 Rosa Parks Blvd. Detroit, MI 48324, USA

3. How is the delivery time calculated?

When processing with your order, we consider these factors when calculating the Estimated Delivery Time:

– Order Processing Time:

Right after your payment is authorized and verified, we take 01 day for pending order, in case our customers would change something in artwork, clipart or size, and then start processing your order; and this process often takes 5-7 business days (7 days at maximum) so please be patient with us, because all of our products are customizable and made-to-order.

– Transit Time:

This transit time is up to UPS/DHL/USPS (with US domestic delivery). Our products are made in Detroit, Michigan and ship from there.

CountryCarrierDelivery Timescale
US (exclude AK/HI/PR)UPS/DHL95% of orders arrive 3 days after despatch*
US (AK/HI/PR)UPS/DHL95% of orders arrive 7 days after despatch*
InternationalDepend on destination country95% of orders arrive 1,5 week after despatch*

As we comply with COVID-19 guidelines, shipping timelines may vary. Currently, our delivery carriers are experiencing intermittent delays.

*Please note that these are estimated delivery times only.

4. How much is the shipping charge?

Shipping charges are estimated due to your location. The minimum shipping fee will be $4,99. More details on advanced shipping packages will be found on the checkout page when ordering (express shipping plan, etc …). Please ensure all delivery information is correct. If there is incorrect or missing information, we may be required to contact you for an update on the delivery information, which can cause delays in delivering your order. Delays may also occur as a result of customs clearance.

Please fill in your address in all details, otherwise, the package we mail to you will be returned to us.

CountryStandard ShippingExpress Shipping
US (exclude AK/HI/PR)$4.99$6.99
US (AK/HI/PR)$7.99$19.99
International Shipping$8.99Not Available

Best of all, WE DON’T CHARGE EXTRA SHIPPING FEE PER ITEM. That means even if you order 10 items, the delivery fee is still fixed, not as all other stores in the world.

5. What’s the difference between Standard and Express shipping?

With Standard Shipping, after the production is finished, we will wait for the shipping unit to pick up the goods (2-3 times per week). You will receive your order 4-7 days after the order is finished, depending on the distance to our location (Detroit, Michigan).

With Express Shipping, right after production is complete, we will have a dedicated team to directly deliver the items to the warehouse of the shipping unit, and it will be shipped for same day. This helps your delivery time will be greatly shortened. You will receive your order 2-4 days after the order is finished, depending on the distance to our location (Detroit, Michigan).

6. How the product will be packed?

Depending on the conditions and the warehouse at different times, we will pack differently. But basically all orders will be covered with drop insurance, so your product will receive exactly the same as advertised and completely intact.

You can read more about our Refund policy here.

If you have any questions or comments, please do not hesitate to contact us through:

Email: [email protected]